Lender Vault & CUU

If you’re a new agent to the industry then you will soon find out how overwhelming it can be to find the right lender for your client’s unique qualifications. Well, RMA has a tool that you can use to help you choose the right lender at the “push of a button”. It’s called The Lender Vault.

The LenderVault is a search engine (on Genius) designed for mortgage agents and provides instant research on the best mortgage options available. It massively reduces time spent on mortgage research, and allows you more time to focus on growing your business.

Using LenderVault is quick and easy. Simply sign in and enter your client’s information using a flexible search criterion. Instant search results will let you know which lender(s) have the best options for your deal. LenderVault can accommodate either simple or highly complex mortgage scenarios so you can sell your services with confidence.

Central Underwriting

As you know many lenders are requesting that brokers and agents commit to minimum volume requirements before they do business with you. As an individual agent or broker, committing volumes to ALL of these lenders is unrealistic. You may be able to meet the requirements of one or two lenders, but then….how do you get a specific product offered by one of the other lenders that you don’t deal with?

Well, RMA has a solution to your problem. We have instituted a Corporate Underwriting Unit (CUU). The CUU brings all the lenders to your table. The CUU will submit deals on your behalf to these ‘gateway lenders’ for a minimal cost and pass the finders fees and volume bonuses back to you. Please contact us for more information about our CUU.