Better Pay

Earn Higher Commissions!

After all is said and done the decision to work with a broker firm hinges to a great extent on how much of the commission is taken by the firm for their operation and how much you keep for yourself. At RMA, we have one of the most competitive commission programs on the planet. We keep it simple.

When you join RMA, you can choose from any one of these plans below. The value of these plans are the same but the administration is slightly different. One of these plans is the right one for you.

For a FREE, no-obligation quote of how much more commission you could be getting with RMA, please complete the form or call 1-877-677-7778 ext. 8

Plan 1

Flat Fee Monthly Capped at $9K Per Year

Under this program a broker pays to RMA $750 per month. In return, the broker gets 100% of the finder fees, 100% of the volume bonuses.

Plan 2

90 / 10 – Capped at $9K Per Year

Under this program, when a deal is funded and the commission is paid, RMA subtracts 10% of the commission and pays you the 90%. When the deductions for RMA reach $9000 for the year, we don't deduct any more from the commission from you.

Plan 3

Pay Per Deal – Capped at $9K Per Year

A third option for your compensation is the Pay Per Deal to $9K per year program. In this case, RMA subtracts a fee based on the size of the funded mortgage and pays the balance to you. As in the other two programs above, when RMA reaches its $9K cap, nothing more is deducted from your commissions for the rest of the calendar year.


Many companies have a tool box that they provide to their brokers to help them build their business. RMA is no different. We have the same tools that most of the other larger brokerages offer their teams.

  • Free Websites
  • Commission Advance
  • Commission Process
  • Free CRM
  • Bridge Loans
  • Lender Vault & CUU
  • Life Insurance
  • Commercial Lending
  • Private Lending
  • Free Webinars
  • Personal Marketing
  • RMA Extranet
  • Agent Training
  • Broker Rewards Trip
  • RMA Term Insurance
Mary Mcfarlane, RMA Agent

I had heard good recommendations from other Brokers about RMA. I was attracted by the full commission structure and decided to look more in to the brokerage. That was seven years ago and I am so happy that I made the decision to join RMA.

- Mary Mcfarlane, RMA Agent

- Donna Stewart, RMA Agent

As soon as the lenders send the commissions to head office it's direct-deposited into my account. Highest commissions and prompt payroll. I love RMA!

- Donna Stewart, RMA Agent

Get Started Making Higher Commissions!

If you're a productive agent or broker and you regularly fund mortgage deals we GUARANTEE you'll make more commission with RMA. If after a period of time with RMA your pay is not greater than your current brokerage, not only will we give you back our portion of the commission we collected from you, we will also pay your licensing & E&O fees so you can re-join your old brokerage. There is no better income guarantee in the industry! For a FREE, no-obligation quote of how much more commission you could be getting with RMA, please complete the form or call 1-877-677-7778 ext. 8