About RMA

Thank you for taking a moment to check out Real Mortgage Associates (RMA). Here’s a little bit about our history. In early 2006 we surveyed a large number of very experienced mortgage agents & brokers to identify what they were looking for in a mortgage brokerage company. Overwhelmingly, they indicated that their business had grown to a point where they relied very little or not at all on their company’s services. Of the services they did value, either their company didn’t offer them or they had to pay for them, out of their own pocket. The consultants told us that if they were not using their company’s services, they wanted the best commission payout available in the industry.

The RMA structure was created from the feedback of these brokers. RMA has all the same services available that you find at most large broker firms & networks YET, it also has some of the highest broker commission payouts in the industry. How can we do this??? Simple, we have set up a Pay-Per-Use structure that allows the broker to choose only those services that he/she wants from a broker firm. You don’t have to pay big commission splits to your company so they can provide services that you don’t want or need. You only pay for what you use. Therefore, you can use the money you save to invest in building your own business.

Today, RMA has over 350 agents and brokers across Ontario and is one of the approximately 50 brokers firms that make up the Broker One network across Canada. In 2013, RMA purchased an office building on Upper James Street in Hamilton. After renovations we relocated our head office to that building in January of 2014.