Geri Janes

When I made the decision to join RMA, the transition from my old brokerage was very easy and quick. RMA's Broker Services Department was fantastic to deal with and I was up and running with no delay to my business.

Geri Janes, RMA Broker Barrie April 24, 2014


In my 30 plus years as a broker, I've heard every story in the book. That's why I appreciate RMA. Straight talk & the best compensation program in the business. Period.

Scott Galpin, RMA Broker London April 24, 2014


Having worked elsewhere for many years, RMA is the best brokerage by far to work with. Very upfront about your commissions, compliance and consistent pay schedules. No unwelcome surprises.

Nidhi Thakkar, RMA Broker Kitchener April 24, 2014


As soon as the lenders send the commissions to head office it's direct-deposited into my account. Highest commissions and prompt payroll. I love RMA!

Donna Stewart, RMA Agent Guelph April 24, 2014


The Broker Services Team at RMA are true professionals. They made the transition a smooth and seamless operation. Even the lenders were impressed!!!

Bob Salisbury, RMA broker Pickering April 24, 2014

Bernie Klacer

Unbelievable! I only pay one flat fee a month and I get all of these services! In all the years that I have been a broker I have never experienced such great service from an organization AND had such great commissions!!!

Bernie Klacer, RMA Broker London April 24, 2014


I had heard good recommendations from other Brokers about RMA. I was attracted by the full commission structure and decided to look more in to the brokerage. That was seven years ago and I am so happy that I made the decision to join RMA.

Solid management, best commission structure and all the services available, if I need them. I also love that I'm able to be independent and deal directly with lenders.

Mary Mcfarlane, RMA Agent Hamilton March 13, 2014