Commission Advance

In this day and age it’s important to have access to your money, so RMA has come up with a program where you can get your finder fees up front, before the deal closes.

The Commission Advance Program is the fastest and easiest way to receive commissions today. Use this service to regulate cash flow, build your business, marketing and paying team salaries. Advancing commissions allows you to make purchases now rather than after closing. You could also use the funds for purchasing  big ticket items such as a new vehicle, renovations to home or office, vacations, tuition, RRSP investments, the list is endless . . . and the fees are tax deductible!

Fee Structure

Once approved, Real Mortgage Associates will advance up to 90% of the commission amount you’re expecting from the lender.  A $3000 advance for 30 days would cost as little as $103.60.  and a transaction fee of $47.50….It’s a lot cheaper than those cash stores and there are no hidden fees.

Property & Transaction Requirements

We can advance on residential sales only.  Included are: re-sale homes, condos, new construction,  & duplexes.  The deal must be a firm residential transaction with construction completed.  The cash advance limit is up to $5,000.00 per broker with a maximum 90-day closing. The money will be deposited two days after the paperwork is completed and the advance is authorized.

Fallen Sales

In the event that the sale does not close, you simply remit to us your next confirmed sale. We will use the funds from that deal to pay off the cash advance owing and send you any monies left over.