Private Lending & Commercial Lending

Private Lending

Sometimes we come across a borrower who does not meet conventional underwriting criteria. This may be due to a bankruptcy, nasty divorce, money management issues, a business gone bad, to name a few. All these things affect credit scores and unless a beacon score is over 650, then the A lenders are just not comfortable lending out their money.

RMA, now offers our agents the opportunity to assist these types of borrowers.  Our Alternative Hub provides private residential and residential construction financing solutions. You can increase the chances of the private lending lead becoming a funded mortgage by handing off these types of mortgages to the private mortgage specialists at the Alternative Hub.


Commercial Lending

Quite often, agents who concentrate on residential mortgage transactions come across commercial mortgage opportunities. Due to a lack of experience and contacts in commercial financing, you can often spend a lot of time trying to put a commercial transaction together with no success. Months can be spent trying to put these deals together to no avail. They really are a specialty unto their own!

In order to better service you, RMA has established a centralized unit for commercial mortgage leads. By sending these types of mortgages to commercial specialists, you increase the chances of the commercial lead becoming a funded mortgage. In the meantime you can focus 100% on what you’re good at, residential mortgages.

There are two types of services that we have put into effect.