Free Webinars

Another great service RMA provides is what’s called “webinars”. These are weekly educational tutorials done via the internet. As mortgage agents, our education doesn’t just end once we are licensed. The industry is forever in a state of change and it’s up to us to keep on top of things so we can give our clients the best possible information.

Lenders, marketing companies and industry partners that cross paths with us in our daily lives actually take time to teach us about the different services available to us and our clients which, in turn, will help us generate new business and keep current clients. RMA webinars are produced live each week and don’t worry if you happen to miss one as we upload a recording of it onto our RMAnet website so that you can watch and learn at a time that’s convenient to you.

Webinars ARE of great service to you as they are direct from the source and in real time so all the information is current. Isn’t it better to be a step ahead of the crowd?