RMA Extranet

On a daily basis you run into questions about our business when you need quick answers. For example, you need a contact phone number for a particular lender BDO or what are the latest underwriting guidelines for a particular lender or you want to send out a new rate sheet to your Realtors. Having this type of information at your fingertips will save you loads of time and make you much more efficient on a daily basis. At RMA we have compiled all of that stuff into one location/toolbox. That toolbox is called RmaNet. RmaNet is an online portal that provides brokers with access to all the tools, services & information they need to effectively go about performing their daily business.

When you log onto RmaNet you will be amazed at all the information that has been collected. Daily rates, U/W guidelines for lenders, instructions on completing files for audit, marketing, lender BDM contact information, webinars, private and commercial lending, and the list goes on.. A whole load of information awaits the RMA agent and it’s all free.